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I signed up for the mailing list. Am I a VIP Member? 

Signing up for our general mailing list does not automatically qualify you to be a VIP. VIP Members must have signed up for our VIP Membership. VIP Members pay $12 a month to access the following: 

25% off ALL purchases

Early access to releases and restocks

VIP only designs

Front of line fulfillment and elite shipping protection


I signed up and I am a VIP Member. How do I shop as a VIP?

Welcome to VIP Status! To access all of your VIP perks, you must log in to your VIP Member Account. You can login here. You cannot access the perks without being logged into your account. Once you have logged in, you can shop the website as normal and all discounts will automatically apply at checkout. If you would like to shop VIP ONLY designs, early releases and restocks (that are not available to the public and ONLY available to VIP Members) you must click that menu option under “VIP MEMBERS ONLY” or click here. Again, this page is locked to the public and all VIP Members must be signed in to access this private shopping experience. 



I logged in to my VIP Membership and I still see the public website. Where is the VIP Member Website?

When you become a VIP, you do NOT unlock a separate VIP ONLY website. However, you unlock the perks and benefits of the VIP Members which include 25% off all purchases, early access to public releases and restocks, VIP ONLY design releases and front of line fulfillment and elite shipping protection (at no additional costs). We do have a VIP ONLY page on the website titled, “SHOP VIP ONLY DESIGNS + EARLY RELEASES & RESTOCKS.” This is where VIP Members will find VIP ONLY design releases and access releases and restocks 24 hours earlier than the public. We will notify VIP Members of all VIP ONLY designs, restocks and releases by email, SMS and social media. 



I signed up as a VIP and when I login I still see information asking me to join the Membership. Why is that?

As a VIP Member, you will still see promotions to join as a VIP because you are on a public website that has been created for all first time Shoppers and recurring shoppers. Simply disregard as you are already at VIP Status! :) 



How do I get the 25% off discount when I checkout as a VIP?

When you login as a VIP, you will automatically access all perks. The 25% off discount will automatically apply at checkout. You will not need to enter a promo code or anything of that nature! The discount is applied at the checkout page, not the cart page or any other page. Therefore, you will see the discount apply when you are in the checkout process only, not while adding to cart. 



When are new designs releases? How often do you restock? When are VIP ONLY exclusive designs released?
We offer new public designs are releases each month. You will however receive early access all public releases and restocks. We also do restocks every 3-4 weeks. We do only restock select styles and not our entire catalog of designs. We will release VIP ONLY designs every 1-3 months. 

I tried to login and I cannot access my account

We are sorry to hear that you are having issues. First, please confirm your email and password. You can reset your password by clicking this option on the login page here. If you still experience issues, reach out to us by email (info@irregularexposure.com) and we will offer support.


How often am I billed as a Member?

You will be billed $12 a month 1 calendar month from the initial sign up date. For example, if you signed up on January 20th, you will be billed $12 every 20th of each month for the duration of your Membership. The recurring payment is auto debited from the card entered at initiation. All payments are final.



I want to cancel my account.

We would hate to see you go! However, if you decide that you want to end your VIP Membership, you can do so at anytime by logging in to your account and selecting cancel. We offer a hassle free process.