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This package fee will only need to be paid once and you will not be responsible for repaying within contract renewals. This fee covers collection setup, marketing, and ambassador product fees. 

Contract Duration: 6 months 

Within this exciting package, you will receive:

    • Choose 6 styles to promote within months 1-3: Within months 1-3 of our agreement, handpick 6 (18 styles for the contract duration) designs from our website to promote and get paid from. These styles will be shipped directly to you, allowing you to create captivating content and promotional material. Get creative and exciting! ($4,000 VALUE)
  • Designed your own exclusive rereleased design with our CEO and Head Designer, Jessica Williams: While you are already making bank within months 1-2, you will also work directly with Jessica "Irregular Jess" Williams to create your own designer rerelease! You will choose from an exclusive catalog of previous top sellers and choose 1 full look to drop in your very own exclusive color-way(s)! You will meet with Jess virtually, to choose styles and color-way(s). That's right! This style is exclusive to your collection! You will then earn commission from this collab collection from months 4-6. ($25,000 VALUE)
  • Personalized Shopping Collections: We will create your very own collection on our website! This collection will allow Customers to shop the 6 (18 styles for the contract duration) designs you chose to promote for the month (within months 1-3 only. During months 4-6, you will only offer your custom rerelease within your collection). These exclusive collections will be available for your followers, friends, and fans to shop, elevating your influence and providing them with access to unique, trendsetting pieces. ($3,500 VALUE)
  • Lucrative Commission: Earn a generous 15% commission on every purchase made from your personalized shopping collection. Not only will you be showcasing incredible designs, but you'll also be rewarded for your influence and sales prowess. Drop your shopping link within your bio or platforms and sell, sell, sell. We do not limit your earning potential in any way, so the sky is the limit!
  • Everlasting Content Usage: Your content is valuable, and we recognize that. Once you create content featuring our brand, Irregular Exposure is granted lifetime usage rights. This means we have the right to continue using your impactful content to promote Irregular Exposure, providing ongoing exposure for both you and our brand. We will promote your content to over 300,000 Irregular Baddies via social media, email, and SMS campaigns so make it good!
  • Access to #IrregularBaddies Digital Link Ups: Each quarter, you will meet with our Irregular Team to discuss top earners, wins, content, upcoming releases, campaigns, and more! Get the inside scoop so you can learn how to earn even more commission. These events will be virtual. ($1,000 VALUE)
  • Website Placement on IrregularExposure.com: Boss up with your very own website banner placement to promo your collection for 3 days! Unlike all other packages, your collection will be listed within our website and social media navigation links directing your Customers to your exclusive collections for months 4-6!  ($5,000 VALUE)
  • 2 Live Shopping Experiences: Expand your reach by conducting 2 shared live shopping experiences with our Irregular Exposure team on any of our platforms! 
  • Marketing with Irregular Exposure: We'll support your marketing efforts by offering 6 email campaigns, 2 SMS campaigns, 3 social media page posts, and 6 story posts on your behalf. In addition to your personal reach, you will reach over 300,000 of our Customers! These strategically timed promotions will help you increase visibility, drive traffic to your personalized collection, and boost your chances of earning substantial commissions. ($10,000 VALUE)
  • Powerful Facebook or TikTok Ad Campaign: Supercharge your Ambassador journey with a dedicated Facebook and TikTok ad campaign running for 6 weeks. Valued at $5,000, this campaign will leverage the reach and targeting capabilities of these platforms to drive traffic and maximize your earning potential. Get ready to see your commission soar! ($5,000 VALUE)
  • YouTube Placement: As part of our commitment to your success, we'll provide a featured placement for your content on our YouTube channel. This exposure will introduce your brand and content to a wider audience, generating more engagement, followers, and ultimately, higher commission opportunities. ($750 VALUE)