My love for NYC is real & has been for the past 3 years. I remember I wanted to show my collection during #NYFW . I reached out to over 100 emerging designer shows and was told no! My brand was too new, too unheard of and not sellable. I remember feeling so defeated until I got a call from 1 of the show producers 3 days before the show! Another designer had dropped out and I was next in line. I never got to NYC so fast! I went, found models the day of and even had about $200 to my name. I was on my last you’ll! However God doesn’t make mistakes and it was my season. That show introduced me to the real business of fashion and I thank God for that experience. Irregular Exposure’s sales grew by 238% that weekend alone! Never let the “No’s” stop you. One of my mentors, Yandy Smith, once said “Man’s rejection is God’s protection.” That stuck with me. 

Growing up in Baltimore, I noticed how small the mindset can be if you don’t educate yourself/ Most people automatically think you’re a scammer or criminal when you say you work for yourself but I blame the environment. This is just God and hard work here!NYC isn’t just a city it’s a world. It’s full of culture, fashion and go getters! Everyone has somewhere to be. Everyone that lives there isn’t from there. They all jumped out on faith and went for it. I love Baltimore and always will but if you have the opportunity to travel and build elsewhere do so! I love going back & fourth to NYC and Baltimore all week! It’s a blessing! Furthermore, I am so excited to bring @iefashionacademyclients to my 2nd home for fashion week in February 2017! We’re not only going to the #NYFW fashion show that changed my life but we’re also touring the garment district! My clients will meet all of my US manufacturers, fabric designers, wholesalers and more! We are also having dinner with a few fashion insiders that you will be sure to want to hear from. If you’d like to join us, email or visit to apply for a session!